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 About Queer Healing Oasis_ 

Queer Healing Oasis was founded in 2012 by Marcos Zamora-Sánchez, LCSW as an intentional healing space for Queer, Trans, and gender non-conforming people. Since its inception, Queer Healing Oasis has served as a medium for healing circles, trainings, and workshops. The mission of Queer Healing Oasis is to provide affordable mental health services to Queer, Trans, and gender non-conforming people from a trauma-informed lens. 

 A Short Bio About Marcos_ 

Always an honor to be able to support Ti

For the past ten years, Marcos Zamora-Sánchez, LCSW has worked with diverse individuals who have experienced disturbing or traumatic events as children. Marcos incorporates art, poetry, cooking, and home remedies to understand how trauma and abuse are stored and manifested in our bodies. Marcos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, trained EMDR Therapist, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, community consultant, and facilitator of parenting classes, as well as healing circles. Marcos is a gender non-binary Therapist born in Tepames, Colima, México, and brought to the United States at 6 mos. Marcos grew up in South Central Los Angeles and has lived in San Fernando Valley since college, in Pacoima since 2011. Growing up undocumented until the age of 17 provided Marcos with a powerful narrative to first-hand understand the migrant experience in the US, thus, allowing Marcos to be a strong advocate for undocumented and LGBTQI2-S students. Marcos co-founded El Hormiguero, a community resource home, and Queer Invasion, a project that promotes the inclusion and visibility of Queer & Trans communities, and has developed curricula for parenting classes and trainings to include safe environments for LGBTQI2-S employees and students. Personal projects include hosting, directing, and producing the podcast Las Reinas del Valle. Marcos received their Master of Social Work degree from the USC School of Social Work and B.A. in Chicana/o Studies from Cal State Northridge.

Currenlty, Marcos is an Adjunct Faculty at CSU, Los Angeles, and CSU, Northridge where they teach social work.

Working to end mental health stigma in people of color communities. 

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