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Understanding Trauma Through You_ 

Trauma impacts everyone and it can develop adverse and resilient traits in you. Whether you have experienced a disturbing event, witnessed violence, or live in a toxic environment, symptoms of trauma are expressed in various forms of strengths and weaknesses. As resilient and evolving individuals, learning how trauma is stored in our bodies can serve as a guiding point to visualize how energies flow through our existence and relationships with co-workers, classmates, family, and community. Shame and guilt can often lead to avoidance or discourage us from addressing and learning how to live with your inner beast.

In the best intention to set a brave space, this workshop provides an overview of generational trauma, power & oppression, and its effects on communities of color. Through gentle activities, this workshop will guide you in externalizing and visualizing how energy and trauma travels through your body. It will explore self-awareness and ways to re-learn, as well as unlearn safety, fear, self-esteem, rejection, shame, and guilt. The workshop will serve as insight towards a positive outlook on trauma and and tools to honor your past, but live in the present.

Upcoming workshops_ 

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